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Abbott Laboratories - Infant nutrition


Richard Ambler, now General Manager at Metromed, Metrovet & Metropolitan Medical Marketing Companies          July 18, 2012, Richard was a client of Carol’s           

Carol Byers ran Abbott Laboratories' PR campaign for a multi-million dollar range of infant nutrition products throughout Middle East for a period of three years.   The results were excellent.  Carol managed a team of highly motivated PR  professionals.  They were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and had excellent  relationships with the key media outlets in the region.  They rapidly  got to grips with the market category with deep understanding the key  drivers and target audiences.  They worked seamlessly with our  advertising agency to produce a highly integrated and successful  campaign.  Carol was always on top of the campaign and developed an  excellent reputation for transparency, integrity and for developing her  staff

Dandie Dinmont Terrier 200 event

 Paul Keevil - Dandie Dinmont – 200 Years  Celebrating an Ancient Terrier   

Re: Carol Byers – The Haining Charitable Trust   In February 2015, I was the UK coordinator for the above titled event and had the good fortune to work with Carol Byers on the press, media and PR for the event.   Briefly the event involved bringing an international group of breed enthusiasts and 50 rare Dandie Dinmont Terriers, back to discover their foundation and celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of the Walter Scott novel, which gave the breed their name. During my research for the event I also discovered that the founding father of the breed was born in the kennels at The Haining, Selkirk and that the kennels still existed.   

Despite the somewhat “unusual” nature of the event Carol immediately saw the potential for press and media exposure, and worked very hard with us to produce some truly remarkable coverage. This included, getting BBC News to The Haining to film the breeds return to the historic house and ITV to film an 8 minute feature story for their Border Life “magazine” type news show. Carol’s input and advice was also instrumental in getting mainstream media coverage for our event in publications such as the Sunday Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Glasgow Herald, The Times and Country Life Magazine.    From a PR point of view Carol also conceived and arranged for a celebration “Welcome Home” haggis supper for the gathering at The Haining, including liaising with the caters, booking the Marquee and seating and even fixing up for a Walter Scott look-alike to make a personal appearance.   The media coverage obtained was described by The Duke of Buccleuch of Bowhill (another historic mansion we visited) as “astonishing”, whilst the staff at the famous Abbotsford House (the home of Sir Walter Scott) were somewhat bemused when a huge collection of TV, press and news agencies assembled to photograph us – as they had not thought of it!   For proof of how such a simple event was so expertly managed from a press and PR viewpoint to gain major coverage, just visit Google News, and You Tube and type in Dandie Dinmont into the search box.    From a personal point of view, I have found Carol very easy to work with, full of creative ideas and practical help and advice but above all – a person who gets results with the minimum of fuss!   

Gulf Wealth Management

Nadeem Mujtaba - Chief Executive Officer at Gulf Wealth Management Limited   July 9, 2012, Nadeem was a client of Carol’s

   Carol is an experienced individual in the field of corporate  communication with an exceptionally pleasant personality and high  integrity.  She is committed to her work.  She was very effective in her  job when she helped us with creating a brand image for our start-up  insurance company in the UK as part of our fundraising initiative for  the start-up.  We wish her all the best in her future career. She will  be an asset for anyone that hires her for corporate communication /  public relations related activities.

The Gallery Melrose

The Gallery Melrose - Iain Loudon and David Wallace

Carol is currently working with us to help us launch and create awareness of this new art gallery  to our agreed target market.   She is working in a professionall manner, guiding us to achieve awareness, and helping us to strategise and leading us to skillfully build our target audience.  She is  certainly making a difference to us, as we develop in our first year of business.

The Haining, Selkirk

Trustees of The Haining Charitable Trust - 2013- 2016 

Carol worked to establish The Haining as a venue for events in the arts, crafts, heritage and wedding industry.  She worked with us for more than three years and was instrumental in building awareness within the various target markets we reached out to, building strong relationships and creating trust.  She created and managed events for clients, built a profile in the news,  had BCC and ITV news coverage as well as international, regional and local press coverage.   She was instrumental in our corporarate branding campaign, creatiing our website and managing social media and newsletters to our customers.